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AutoDetailing & Cleaning

Having been in the auto motive industry for over 5 yrs, our crew is as passionate as it gets about cars! We are now offering detailing and cleaning services too!

Basic Wash

2 hours

Exterior wash
Interior Cleaning and Vacuum
Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed

Interior Cleaning

1 hour

Cleaning of all interior parts
Vacuuming seats and underlay

Carpets cleaned and dressed

Engine Bay Cleaning

30 mins

Thoroughly cleaning of engine bay and engine
Silicone hoses and rubber parts dressed.

Headlight Renewal

1 hour


Regenerating of Headlights, removing any scratches and yellowness


2 hours


Polishing of all body parts by hand
Polishing of glass by hand, sealer applied.

Clay Bar Treatment

2 hours +/-


Clay bar treatment all over

Wheel Deep Cleaning

1 hour


Un-mounting wheels and deep cleaning them , including the inside of the wheel, applying of sealant to reduce the accumulation of Brake dust.

Glass Polish and Seal

1 hour


Polish of glass to make water glide off windscreens and windows effortlessly
Sealer applied

Ceramic Coating

6 hours +


Ceramic Coating all over

Exterior Detailing

6 hours 


Exterior deep clean, removal of any tar or stubborn dirt, polish all over including glass polish, wheel and wheel arch de-contamination , under body cleaning, plastic trims restored and sealed for optimum protection.

Interior Detailing

6 hours


Interior Deep clean, removal of any stains in upholstery and seats, vacuuming of under carpet and seats, cleaning of carpets and dressing them, cleaning of air condition vents and more

Leather Treatment

2 hours +/-


Deep cleaning of leather interior, treating of leather interior to maintain hydration

Paint correction

4 hours +/-


Removal of swirl marks and any other superficial defects in the paint work, full decontamination of paint restoring shine and vibrancy

Full Package

8 hours +


Full decontamination of paint restoring shine

Light polish and wax all over restoring smooth and glossy surface
Glass coating and sealer

Alloy wheel deep cleaning

Plastic trims restored and sealed for optimum protection

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